David Bianchi Testimonial

I don’t know where to begin so I will just say “thank you!” Julia, Trent and I just got off “Venture” today at April Point and had Kenmore Air fly us back to Seattle. What a cruise!

Over the years we have cruised on boats and yachts of all sizes in 15 countries and we want you to know that this was, without a doubt, the most fun and best charter we ever had. The captain you provided was terrific; could not have been better. Low key, was great with Trent, had the patience to teach me what I wanted to learn, etc. On top of that, he let me bring Venture in to an assigned space at Dent Island Lodge that required us to pass between a bunch of large yachts on both sides and then somehow secure her alongside a finger pier that was maybe a maximum of 68 ft. for our 65 ft boat. I won’t even try to tell you how nervous I was but, fortunately, I managed to do it with a dozen people watching and never bumped anything. I felt like a kid who just hit a home run and he gave me the confidence to pull it off.

Venture is a magnificent yacht and we will be buying a Fleming; no question about it. For the past 5 years or so we have studied every detail of the Flemings versus the competitors and we are among your biggest fans. Despite all of the studying, however, we had never actually been on a Fleming under way. That was why we wanted to charter Venture. Quite honestly, it was better than even our very high expectations. I am the only person I know who has watched every one of your father’s DVDs multiple times and I knew what to expect on this trip. Incredibly, the reality was even better than the expectation. We went to Ganges Harbor, Gardner Marina, Chatter Box Falls, Gorge Harbor, Fredrick Arm, Dent Island, April Point, etc. Virtually all of these places were in the DVDs I had watched.

There is nothing like a Fleming. In every harbor we drew a crowd and all sorts of people wanted tours and to know everything about her. We felt like commissioned salesmen but loved every minute of it. We passed out brochures, told them why they should buy one, pointed out why Venture was better than what they were on, etc. We have endless stories and it was magical.

Thank you for allowing us to charter Venture. For Julia and I it was a real opportunity to develop experiences and memories with Trent that (we hope) will last him a lifetime. We are older than most couples with a 9 year old and we work hard to give him enriching experiences. This trip was part of that plan.

Attached is a picture of Trent in front of Chatter Box Falls. It was breathtaking. And, you might like to know, Trent lost a tooth while on Venture and was visited by the tooth fairy. I don’t know for sure but my guess is that it was the first time Venture ever had a visit from the tooth fairy.

David Bianchi