About Fleming Yachts

Our boats are considered to be the ultimate cruising yachts by serious cruisers and marine journalists throughout the world. Our timeless designs, fuel-efficient hulls, meticulous engineering and luxurious accommodations set the standards by which other cruising yachts are judged.

On this site, we hope you will enjoy the online tours of our company and our yachts. Be sure to read about the cruising adventures of our many owners who are cruising throughout the world and contributing to our web site.

I continue my voyages of personal exploration which test the fitness of our boats to take their crew to far-flung destinations as well as to favoured spots close to home. Over the past two years we have circumnavigated Iceland and cruised the Norwegian fjords in Venture II as well as taking the original Venture to mysterious Haida Gwaii north of Vancouver Island. Together the two boats have clocked up close to 40,000 sea miles as they continue to serve as test beds for new equipment and ideas.

During the summer of 2012, we will be taking the original Venture, now in her eighth cruising season, on a return trip to Alaska. It is hard to believe that five years have passed since our last visit but it is a timely reminder that the years race by at a furious pace and if we have a dream we need to act before being overtaken by events not of our making!

If you need more encouragement, be sure to check out our company store where you can order DVD’s of Venture’s exciting voyages as well as attractive Fleming gear. Short previews of the DVD’s can also be viewed from our You Tube channel which can be accessed by clicking the You Tube logo on the left hand side of this page.

Happy Cruising — Tony Fleming

Fleming Factory

In 1985, when the first Fleming was being developed, boat yards in Taiwan offered the best choice for building such a quality yacht. After extensive research, Tony Fleming selected the Tung Hwa yard, located just outside the busy port of Kaohsiung, to build his new design.

While at the time Tung Hwa was building other brands, Tony made it clear that he wanted his boats built to the most rigorous standards and that he was willing to pay for the highest quality possible. Over the years, Tony and the factory management and workers developed a close relationship built on mutual respect, and eventually as the Fleming business grew, Tung Hwa dedicated itself to building Flemings exclusively.

The Tung Hwa factory remains a family-owned business with no outside shareholders or debt. It is situated on a large piece of land and boasts a number of new buildings built specifically for the production of Fleming Yachts. A test tank allows each of the three models to be "launched" in order to check out the vessel's systems and equipment before being shipped.

While some Taiwanese yards have either moved to Mainland China or opened factories there to take advantage of cheaper labor, Tung Hwa has concluded that there is no real economic advantage because the skill levels of the workers are not the same. In addition, it knows that moving and training all new workers can be highly disruptive, detracting from the company's primary focus of building quality yachts.

Tung Hwa now employs over 100 craftsmen and artisans, many of whom have worked there since the beginning. A total of approximately 20 Flemings are built each year. Adi Shard, Tony's nephew and protégé, has worked full time at the Tung Hwa facility for the past 10 years to ensure the continued quality of the Fleming brand.

Fleming History

Construction of Fleming Yachts began at the Tung Hwa boat yard in southern Taiwan in 1985 under the personal supervision of Tony Fleming. Today, all Fleming Yachts continue to be built by Tung Hwa, and they are marketed exclusively through Fleming Yachts, Inc. located in Costa Mesa, California. Flemings are sold through a network of authorized dealers in the United States and Europe and agents in Australia and New Zealand.

A Timeline of Milestones

1961-1983 Tony Fleming served as the technical director of American Marine in Hong Kong, builder of the Grand Banks line of trawler yachts. He was largely responsible for the development of these well-known yachts and later organized the company's new yard in Singapore, becoming its General Manager. While at American Marine Tony also helped develop the highly respected Alaskan series of pilothouse yachts.

1983-1985 Tony left American Marine and with his business partner, Anton Emmerton, worked with an American naval architect, Larry Drake of San Diego, California to develop an all-new pilothouse design. Tony and Anton visited Taiwan in the summer of 1985 to find the best boat yard to build what would eventually become the Fleming 55. The Tung Hwa facility located near Kaohsiung was selected, and work on hull number one began. Although the original mold was built for a 55-foot yacht, the first boats were 50-feet.

1985-2000 Starting with hull number 9, the length was extended to 53-feet and eventually to 55-feet. By 1997 over 100 Fleming 55s had been delivered, and customer demand for a larger model led to the development of the Fleming 75. The first Fleming 75 was launched in 2000. During this time Tung Hwa devoted itself to building Flemings exclusively. In 1998, Tony Fleming's nephew, Adi Shard, a young graduate engineer from England, joined the company and moved to Kaohsiung to work side by side with his uncle.

2000-2006 The popularity of the Fleming line continued to grow, and again customer demand led to the development of another new model, the Fleming 65. Launched in 2005, hull number one was spoken for by Tony himself, and he began to gradually turn over the day-to-day operation of Fleming Yachts to his management team which included his nephew, Adi Shard, his daughter, Nicky Fleming and his right-hand man, Duncan Cowie. Tony christened his new Fleming 65, VENTURE, and he embarked on an adventure which he has called a "voyage of personal discovery." By 2006, Fleming Yachts had delivered 170 Fleming 55s, 12 Fleming 75s and five 65s.

2006-2011 With well over 200 Flemings cruising the world, the company continued to focus on refining and improving its three models. Boating journalists and owners have lauded Fleming as "the ultimate cruising yacht," and Tony Fleming proved them correct. From her homeport of Newport Beach, California, Tony's VENTURE explored British Columbia, Alaska, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands before transiting the Panama Canal. She then traveled up the East Coast to the St. Lawrence Seaway by way of Lake Ontario. After visiting Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, she made her way down the East Coast to winter in Annapolis, Maryland. This 20,000 voyage has been called the world's most extensive sea trial, as it allowed Tony to test and refine many new ideas and pieces of equipment. After completing this exciting voyage, Tony decided to commission an all-new Fleming 65, VENTURE II, which incorporated several new, innovative features resulting from his vast cruising experiences. After appearing at the Southampton Boat Show in England, Tony cruised VENTURE II extensively throughout Europe and in the summer of 2010 he completed an exciting circumnavigation of Iceland. He continues to cruise extensively and is planning an exploration of the Queen Charlotte Islands in the Pacific Northwest during the summer of 2011.

The year 2011 marks the 25th Anniversary of Fleming yachts. Hull number 217 of the Fleming 55 has been delivered, while a number of 65s and two new 78s are being built. It was also the second year that Fleming's magazine, VENTURER, has been published. Described as "A Fleming Publication for Cruising Enthusiasts," it has received rave reviews from Fleming owners throughout the world. While the global economy has continued to affect sales, Fleming has enjoyed continued success and has seen special interest in its brand in both Australia and New Zealand. All three models continue to benefit from evolutionary refinement as new features and layouts are being offered. Please continue to visit our web site for up-to-date information about our products and to read about the exciting voyages of our owners.

Fleming People

Tony Fleming

Tony Fleming, a British born U.S. citizen, has been called a Renaissance man, having the skills of an engineer and the eye of an artist. After 20-years of working for American Marine, builder of the Grand Banks brand of motoryachts, he took his idea of a new pilothouse design to Taiwan, selected the Tung Hwa factory, and started what has become the Fleming legacy.

In January of 2005, Tony took delivery of hull number one of his newest design, the Fleming 65, which he named VENTURE. Since that time he has cruised more than 20,000 miles, using VENTURE as a test bed for new ideas and equipment. Equally important, he's finally getting the opportunity to enjoy cruising while finding even more ways to make Fleming "the ultimate cruising yacht."

Today Tony has turned over much of the everyday boatbuilding responsibilities to his management team, consisting of Adi Shard, Nicky Fleming and Duncan Cowie. This has allowed him to pursue his lifelong passion for videography and filmmaking. A number of his highly acclaimed cruising DVDs are available on this web site and provide an entertaining insight into the man, the boats he has built and the adventures he's had over his forty-year career.

Nicky Fleming

Nicky Fleming was born in Hong Kong where her father, Tony Fleming was working for Grand Banks. She then moved to Singapore, as did Grand Banks and later to England for college. Nicky trained in cooking and worked in restaurants in England and later California.

When Tony's business partner Anton Emmerton died, Nicky stepped in to help Tony with general administrative work for Fleming Yachts. For five years, she and Tony were the only employees of Fleming Yachts. Now with the addition of Adi Shard, Duncan Cowie, Tsai and Simon Culling, Nicky is enjoying her position as director of marketing, running Fleming's California office.

Adi Shard

Born in London, Adi (short for Adrian) graduated from the University of Bristol with a mechanical engineering degree. Between his third and fourth year of college, he worked for a shipyard refitting Warships and submarines for the Ministry of Defense.

After completing college he was contacted by Tony, his uncle, about working for Fleming Yachts. In 1998 Adi moved to Taiwan and began working full time at the Tung Hwa facility. During the next five years, while Tony was still at the factory full time, Adi learned the art of boatbuilding first hand while applying the engineering knowledge he gained at college and during his work for the Ministry of Defense.

Today Adi represents the Fleming brand at Tung Hwa, ensuring that each yacht is built to the rigid specifications first outlined by Tony Fleming. Adi speaks fluent Mandarin as well as the local Taiwanese dialect, greatly simplifying communications between the Fleming staff and the Tung Hwa workers.

Duncan Cowie

Duncan is Tony's right hand man in the field. Like Tony, Duncan was trained in the aeronautical industry. He was employed as an avionics engineer with a commercial airline in the UK for seven years. He then changed tack and took up professional sailing onboard a variety of large yachts, working as engineer/captain in places as far a field as the Artic Circle, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

In 2001 Tony offered Duncan a place on the Fleming team where his extensive experience at sea would be of great value. Duncan is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of Fleming Yachts including service, warranty and liaison with its dealers. He travels regularly to the Tung Hwa factory in Taiwan as well as to boats shows and dealers worldwide. His personal contact with Fleming owners provides feedback to the factory where "The Ultimate Cruising Yacht" continues to evolve utilizing today's latest technology.

Simon Culling

Born and educated in London, Simon joined the British Army as a Seaman/Navigator, where he navigated British Army vessels up to 75 meters and taught navigation on the Ocean/Celestial level. Following his 20-year military service he became the principal of the largest powerboat and motor yacht training school in the UK, which was approved by the Royal Yachting Association.

He later took on the post of after sales manager with the Fleming and Grand Banks dealer in the UK, which he held for five years before joining Fleming Yachts. Simon is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the compliance of Fleming Yachts in meeting and exceeding the requirements of CE, ABYC and Australian Boat building requirements. He is also charged with producing owner's manuals, technical files and other necessary documentation required on board.


Newest member of the Fleming team is Tsai, a Taiwanese born, American educated boat builder. After working in the U.S. for five years in boat maintenance, Tsai moved back to his native Taiwan and worked for both a Taiwanese as well as a U.S. boatbuilder. He joined Fleming in the beginning of 2007.

Tsai concentrates on quality control issues, making sure all yachts are built to Fleming's high standards. He provides assistance and support to Adi and serves as a liaison between Fleming and local and foreign suppliers.