Geoff Gowing Testimonial

To all the admirers of our Fleming 55 we tell them there are very few vessels out there that can match the design and ocean going capability of a Fleming. A Fleming is one of the most desired vessels amongst seafarers of all kinds.

Tie up a Fleming alongside a ‘plastic fantastic’ and see which one draws the most admirers. We’ve been to enough Boat Shows to speak with some authority. Our Fleming 55, ‘ANDANTE,’ is just over four years old now and has completed 21,500 nm of ocean cruising around the East coast of Australia and overseas. This includes nine 700 nm passages through the notorious Bass Strait located between the SE corner of Australia and Tasmania. Passing through the Strait is always a challenge and an exercise in weather watching and timing. The extreme weather that comes in from the Southern Indian Ocean – one stretch is ominously named ‘The Shipwreck Coast’ because it presents a lee shore to all shipping and is a coastline dotted with many shipwrecks.

Andante has never faltered or hesitated through this treacherous stretch. We are constantly reassured through all legs of our journeys by the solid construction and workmanship that has gone into the building of ANDANTE. The things like the reinforced hull, engine installation, the fuel management system, the sea handling capabilities, and all the associated equipment and electronics that make a Fleming a solid, reliable, ocean going ship.

On our long passages, we find that the quiet seclusion of the separate pilothouse keeps the business end away from the distractions of the busy galley and salon area. In our four years of ocean going we have had very few problems with the installed equipment – this we feel comes from the Fleming philosophy of building a vessel with quality materials, fittings and equipment – they are built to a standard not found in many other semi-production vessels.

Wherever we are berthed our Fleming 55 is always subject to much comment on her looks – even people who know very little about boats never fail to stop and admire her lines. During our visit to the remote islands of the Louisiades Archipelago in Papua New Guinea even the local fisher folk commented on ANDANTE and her seagoing lines.

Our next ocean passage in ANDANTE will be across the Coral Sea to New Caledonia, which is 800 nm from Australia and then another 300nm to Vanuatu later this year.

Our Fleming is not just an entry level ship – it is a lifestyle.

Thanks to all the team at Fleming Yachts
Geoff Gowing